Silver Moon Photography by Mary Larsen: Blog en-us (C) Mary Larsen, Silver Moon Photography (Silver Moon Photography by Mary Larsen) Sun, 27 Mar 2016 12:34:00 GMT Sun, 27 Mar 2016 12:34:00 GMT Silver Moon Photography by Mary Larsen: Blog 86 120 Happy Easter, Everyone! If at times you find yourself feeling cold and closed up, I pray that you feel the warmth of His love on your face, so that your heart can open to reveal all that is beautiful within you. May you be blessed this Easter. I wish you joy, and may you be surrounded by the smiles and laughter of those you love the most!

2014_Flower_42293Happy Easter Image, Golden Flower in the Warm SunIf at times you find yourself feeling cold and closed up, I pray that you feel the warmth of His love on your face, so that your heart can open to reveal all that is beautiful within you.

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"I am beautiful in my own way" This wonderful story came across my newsfeed on Facebook, and I thought it was such a beautiful message, and one that relates to how I see photography, and the world, and the beautiful people in it. The revelations of the children are priceless… Thankfully, through seeing themselves through photography,  they can now see just how beautiful they are, as well as the beauty of the world around them, however simple and modest their environment may be. Please take a few moments to view the video below. It will surely brighten your day.


"When I looked at my photo I felt good and saw that I was beautiful.

It was something I had never seen before."


"I used to think that I’m not beautiful enough, like the other girls.

Now I came and realized that I am beautiful in my own way.

I saw the other side of myself; how beauty is inside me

And this will be the thing I will remember all my life."


It's interesting to me, that even as different as we are, as different as our environments may be, even within our own country, our own cities, our own neighborhoods...that sometimes it takes seeing ourselves through the eyes of another to see our own beauty; and sometimes we must look closely, to see the beauty of our environment.


View the heartwarming video here:


The Kioo Project:

The Mission

To teach photography to children from communities with limited creative resources.

The Vision

For every child to develop self-confidence by discovering who they are through photography.


To learn more, visit The Kioo Project at:


Thank you!

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Sweet Baby Ezra! My goodness, how time gets away from me sometimes! It has been over 2 months since the last time I posted here on the blog (Shame on me!). Since then, I have broken my shoulder AND my newest grandson was born! I am supposed to be keeping my shoulder immobilized, but I cannot not help myself, I have to create beautiful portraits!

I made this gown and flower crown/maternity belt in hopes of using it when photographing my beautiful daughter-in-law, Veronica. We did her maternity portrait before I broke my shoulder, and I was very pleased with the results, as were she and my son! I can never seem to decide whether I like the color or the black and white better, so here are versions of both!

Roni_Maternity_100-EditRoni_Maternity_100-EditGorgeous Lady in Red Maternity Portrait

Roni_Maternity-046-BW2Roni_Maternity-046-BW2Black & White Maternity Portrait

Little Ezra is our 8th grandson, and was born September 30th! I was so pleased to have been able to be at the hospital with my son and his wife, as they were preparing for the delivery. I couldn't drive myself, but my husband took me so I could be there for them! The delivery itself didn't take long, but we had to wait for her to come out of recovery for a couple hours or so. Big Brother, Eliah, was so pleased to finally meet his Baby Brother!

BabyBoyCampos-135BabyBoyCampos-135Eliah holding his 2 hour old baby brother!

And here I am, holding him with my good arm!

BabyBoyCampos-162BabyBoyCampos-162Granny (me!) holding baby Ezra!

You know, whenever my husband does not listen to his doctor, I get after him. But there was no way that I could sit still and not photograph little baby Ezra for his newborn portraits! My shoulder may take slightly longer to heal, but newborn portraits are best done in the very early days of life, and time will not wait! So we photographed Ezra when he was 11 days old! This was a cooperative effort with my son and his wife helping, as I did not trust myself to carry the baby with my injury, but once he was laid down, I was able to work with posing him. Such a little angel!

EzraLorenzoNbrn-132EzraLorenzoNbrn-132Black & White Newborn Portrait of little Ezra!

EzraLorenzoNbrn-143EzraLorenzoNbrn-143Warm toned portrait of beautiful little Ezra!

EzraLorenzoNbrn-188EzraLorenzoNbrn-188Peacefully sleeping baby boy in a basket!

We did a total of 4 different sets that day. My son really wanted an image of Ezra with a baseball and glove, so we set up this shot. We set the background, set the lights, took test shots, and finally placed the baby on the set. I had instructed my son and his wife that they would each have to support the baby's head with a finger on either side, that I would later Photoshop out, but when we put him into the pose, we saw that he was going to hold the pose (with his head a little more relaxed than what we planned), so I had 1 quick second to get back to the camera on the tripod, and was able to get this one shot off! After that one shot, little Ezra got really mad, and he decided that we were done with that baseball stuff!

EzraLorenzoNbrn-204EzraLorenzoNbrn-204Newborn "Baseball" Portrait!

We wanted to try to get a few with both of the boys, but Ezra had had enough sleep by this time :)

EzraLorenzoNbrn-222EzraLorenzoNbrn-222Eliah getting a close look at his baby brother!

Then yesterday, at the grand old age of 18 days, I had the opportunity to photograph Ezra with his big brother, Eliah, again! My son, Bryan Campos, and I both made portraits of the boys! Here are a few of the portraits I made.


EzraNbrn-248EzraNbrn-248A sweet kiss on the baby's hand...

EzraNbrn-250EzraNbrn-250And a gentle caress...

EzraNbrn-285EzraNbrn-285Telling him secrets!

EzraNbrn-296EzraNbrn-296Another sweet kiss for baby!

EzraNbrn-288EzraNbrn-288He's so happy with his baby!

I am so in love with my grandsons! All 8 of them! <3

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Once in a Blue Moon! Good Morning, Everyone! Did you see last night's/this morning's Blue Moon? I did, and it was glorious! I did not get to photograph it last night, but I did get a chance to take a few shots this morning. Here it is!


Okay, so technically, the blue moon was not literally blue! It looks a little bluish because of the camera settings I used. I set my white balance to Tungsten, which you would normally use under tungsten lighting. But by using it at night, or early morning, in images that do not include people, this setting can make your skies (or your moon) look a little bluer. This is a little trick taught to me by a certain Photo Ninja friend of mine.

A Blue Moon is a second full moon that occurs within a given month. This does not happen very often. This occurs only about once each 2-1/2 years, hence the expression "Once in a Blue Moon"! I do enjoy photographing the moon fairly often, but especially when it's "Blue"  ;)

Have a wonderful day, Everyone!

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Her perfect round belly She told me that she didn't have the perfect round belly. I beg to differ! What could be more beautiful and perfect than the body in which you carry your growing baby? What could feel more wonderful than feeling your baby move within you, and to see the miracle of that movement by the changing shape of your belly? I can think of nothing more beautiful, except perhaps the son or daughter you carry inside you, once he or she is born.

Beautiful expectant mother in redBeautiful expectant mother in redBeautiful expectant mother in red

This stunning mama will have her baby boy tomorrow, unless he decides to come today! She couldn't be more radiant than the day I photographed her, just a few days ago, or yesterday, when she came to view her images.

She is stunning, with her perfect round belly!She is stunning!She is stunning, with her perfect round belly!

Mayra, may you and Miguel, and little Clarissa be blessed abundantly, as you prepare to welcome your beautiful baby boy into your family! We know he will be beautiful, and may he also be healthy and strong!

Outdoor Maternity Portrait in white gownOutdoor Maternity PortraitOutdoor Maternity Portrait in white gown

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Cropping. It can make your images stronger! The other day, as I was enjoying Facebook, and seeing what friends were up to, I saw this image come across my newsfeed, and I thought it was a wonderful moment, captured by my friend of her husband and little girl! I thought it was a great image for her to print to preserve this beautiful memory for her little girl. But there were a few distractions in the image that bothered me. For me, the largest distraction was  the fairly large empty space on the bottom of the image, and then secondly, the napkin and silverware were not adding any interest to the image. Finally, I was not sure if the person in the background "belonged" in the image, as I was not sure where this had taken place. Well, it turns out that this was at a restaurant, and the person in the background was a server at the restaurant.


Since I had the knowledge and the software, the first thing that I did to make the image a little stronger, was to remove the person in the background, and then I also removed the napkin and silverware in the foreground. I also increased the contrast a little bit, to make the black and white "pop" a little more. But I still was not satisfied with the image...


The next thing that I did was to crop the image, into a 4x5 ratio, or 8x10 size shown above. Better. But still not happy with it. Why? Well, since Daddy's hand was considerably closer to the camera than his face and the little girl's face, it also appears to be bigger than his head! It probably isn't! :) So I felt that cropping in a little tighter would do 2 things. 1) It would take his large hand out of the image. And 2) it would give the image a more intimate feel.

So that's what I did! I cropped in nice and tight, giving the image a more intimate feel, to match the intimate moment of Daddy tickling his little girl! Michael_tickling_Shelby_1008_4_8x10_IntimateMichael_tickling_Shelby_1008_4_8x10_Intimate Now, since this is an image that may be printed as a memory, for Daddy, and for his little girl, I took it a step further, and added a border to finish the image. But the most important point that I'd like to make, is that sometimes a simple crop can greatly improve the strength of an image. In this case, I think it transforms the image from a snapshot captured by a mom into a lovely piece of wall art for the home, as well as the preservation of a beautiful moment in time captured to freeze that moment for a lifetime! This image brought memories and smiles to me, remembering how my own dad liked to tickle us kids with his beard when we were little! Michael_tickling_Shelby_1008_Border-EditMichael_tickling_Shelby_1008_Border-Edit

(Silver Moon Photography by Mary Larsen) Cropping can stregthen your images Daddy's Beard Mary Larsen Silver Moon Photography Tue, 16 Jun 2015 12:41:32 GMT
Beautiful little Miss Quincy My goodness! It seems that I blink, and suddenly too much time has gone by since I have posted an update! But I'd like to share just a bit about a beautiful little girl that I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing. Her name is Quincy. I met Quincy one day when I was in the fabric store, looking for fabrics to use for backgrounds, and to use for making elegant outfits for my clients to wear for their modern women's portraits, and maternity portraits. As I was waiting in line to have some fabric measured and cut, before me was this beautiful little girl, wearing a very interesting hat. She really caught my attention! I spoke to her, and told her how much I liked her hat, and I instantly decided that I wanted to photograph her. I spoke to her beautiful mom, and we quickly agreed that I could photograph her in her hat. The hat was a black felt hat, with grey and black feathers in it. I had already purchased black tulle, which I had intended to make a full women's skirt with, but decided to make it a length that Quincy would be able to wear with her hat. Her mom told me how Quincy loved to wear her hat Everywhere! That was great to know, because in my mind, I thought what a wonderful way to preserve the memory of Quincy wearing her black hat everywhere she went, by making a portrait of her, which she could treasure for a lifetime, and even pass down to her own children and grandchildren!

We parted ways, and I proceeded to make the black tulle skirt for Quincy to wear for her hat portrait.

Then it occurred to me that I would also love to photograph her on a flower wall, which I had also been planning to make, but had not yet started. Quincy was the motivation for me to get that flower wall made! I asked her mom if she had something she might wear for a flower themed portrait, and it so happened that she had the perfect dress! So I worked on my flower wall, and a head piece for little Quincy to wear for her flower portrait.

The day of our shoot came, and I was, I'm sure, as excited to photograph Quincy as she was to be photographed! Her mom shared with me how excited she was and that it was all she could talk about! As I worked with Quincy, I was so impressed with her ability at such a young age to take direction so well! She did everything I asked her to do, even showing motion with the tulle skirt by holding it up, and then swinging slowly to one side and then to the other!

Here are a couple of my favorites of Quincy in her black hat, with my tulle skirt!



Quincy was so adorable! She asked me if I would like to touch her golden hair! And of course, I asked if I may, and touched and admired her beautiful golden hair! :)  And here are a couple of my favorite images from my flower wall.




Our studio session went so well, that I asked Quincy's mom if she might also like to bring Quincy to be photographed in the bluebonnets. We agreed we would do that as well! I made another skirt that I thought would look nice in the bluebonnet fields, and we met for a bluebonnet session. This session did not go quite as well as the studio session, as there was an extremely bright sun to contend with, as well as bugs, bugging both Quincy and me! Still, Quincy was a trooper through it all, and gave me her best in the bright sun and heat!



I had intended to use natural light with a reflector for this outdoor shoot, but poor Quincy! Her eyes just couldn't take the brightness of the sun being reflected on to her face, but we did the best we could, and she continued to do her best to do everything I asked while we worked together!

MaryLarsen_QuincyKoumalats-9774MaryLarsen_QuincyKoumalats-9774 MaryLarsen_QuincyKoumalats-9790MaryLarsen_QuincyKoumalats-9790



Thank you to Quincy, and to her beautiful mom, Ginger, for working with me to create some beautiful images on these two occasions!

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Mathilde This past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph a gorgeous young lady from France, and created some beautiful portraits with her. Mathilde is a strong, beautiful athlete. She is a student and basketball player, on scholarship at UTSA here in San Antonio. She is studying psychology, and intends to return home to France and rejoin her family, after she completes her degree program here.

Mathilde and I wanted to create a number of different looks, and had so much fun creating her images! We shared many laughs and giggles for the few hours we spent together! She is a joy to work with! Here are a few of the images we created.







MaryLarsen_Mathilde-8933MaryLarsen_Mathilde-8933 Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my website! I'll be sharing more beautiful images later, so do come back! Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have! You can contact me by clicking on my contact page at the top of this page, or by text or phone call anytime at 210-288-9292 :)

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Valentine's Portrait Special! Ladies and Gentlemen!

It's that time of year to express our deepest love for those we hold most dear, and to celebrate that love, I am offering a fabulous Valentine's Portrait Special! Your love deserves to have a beautiful image of you, whether you choose a beautiful glamour style portrait to display proudly in your home, or choose a more intimate style of portrait to display or keep private, just for him! Contact me while we still have time to create a beautiful portrait in time for Valentine's Day.

Gentlemen, this is also a gift that you can give to your beautiful lady! She needs to see herself in the beautiful light that you see her, so this would be a perfect gift for her as well! And she can redeem the offer even after Valentine's Day.

The pricing starts at $195 plus tax. This pricing covers the portrait session, and even includes printed products! Use my contact page to contact me for more details, or call or text anytime 210-288-9292.



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Happy New Year and Resolution Day! Good Morning, Everyone!

It's been a wonderful 2014, and I'd like to wish each of you a wonderful new year in 2015! My hope is that your year is filled with the love and laughter of your family and friends! May you also be prosperous and feel content and fulfilled in the new year.

As for me, I am looking forward to spending more time with my family and my friends, and to try to make the most of every moment! Sometimes the time just gets away from us, and truly we don't have a minute to spare, because there is so much love to give, laughter to share with one another, and time to be spent with those who matter most!

This is a day that most of us reflect on those things that we would love to do better, and our personal goals. Another year to vow to make and keep healthier habits regarding our eating and exercise... It's okay if we have set those goals before and not quite met them. Never stop trying! Do it for yourself and for those you love. I resolve to keep trying, and to do better, because I want to be around to see those 7 grandsons of mine grow up!

One of the things I am thinking about for 2015, is the direction that I would like to take my small photography business in. Although I love many different genres of photography, I am leaning toward modern women's portraiture, because I sincerely feel that it is so important that every woman recognize her own beauty, and be confident in who she is. For me, my confidence is directly tied to my weight. And although I know in my heart that I am a beautiful woman, my confidence is better when I am keeping better health habits.  I have an idea, and an offer that I would like to extend to you today. If you also are resolved to taking better care of yourself in 2015, and maintain a healthier lifestyle, which for most of us would result in a loss of weight, I would like to invite you to join me in working on that together! What I propose is that as you meet specific goals, that we document your progress and your journey by creating a new complimentary portrait of you with every goal met! What do you think? Would you like to work together with me on this, and document your progress and your journey in beautiful images of you? I hope so! I'm very excited to do this, both for you, and for me! I would ask that you click the "Like Us on Facebook" button toward the bottom of my home page on this website, and then send me a private message there. Alternatively, you may use my "Contact Me" page to reach me. I'm excited and looking forward to hearing from you!

By the way, this was my view of the fireworks in downtown San Antonio last night! Happy New Year, and may all our dreams come true!





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Have you decided what to give your love for Christmas? Oh my goodness, it is already December 1st! Can you believe how quickly this year has flown by? It will be Christmas before we know it! Have you decided what you will give your love for Christmas this year? It's not too late to arrange for a gift that he will remember and treasure always!

Give the gift of a beautiful intimate portrait! A beautiful portrait of you is a gift not only to him, but to yourself, to remind you of how gorgeous and feminine you are. You both deserve it!

Remind him why he was so attracted to you in the first place. Have him fall in love with you all over again!

We still have time! Call me now, so that we can schedule your portrait session right away, and get your beautiful images made for you and your love in time for Christmas! You can reach me any time via call or text at 210-288-9292, or via my contact page on this site. I can also be reached via my Facebook Business page at  Thanks so much!

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Lost Maples State Natural Area Hi Everyone! Hope you have been enjoying this cooler weather we have been having! I wonder how long it's going to last... I suspect we will be having weather that is quite warm any day now!

A few days ago, my husband, Don, and I decided on the spur of the moment to take a drive looking for fall color. Since this little trip was not planned, we left rather late in the day, after noon. We first drove to Guadalupe River State Park, but did not really see much color there yet - other than green :) 

We left there and headed to Lost Maples (we like to drive), and did not arrive at Lost Maples until almost 5pm! That's almost the time the sun sets this time of year, so we had very little time, and not much light to capture a few images! Although I would have loved to stay and capture the sunset as well, Don was being very safety conscious, and we did not stay long, because we knew there would be many deer out that could possibly cross our paths on the way home. We probably saw at least a dozen very close to the road driving home.

We had intended to go up the Maple Trail, on the east side of the park, but ended up going up the East Trail. Parts of these 2 trails are very close together, and actually flank the Sabinal River on either side. This part of the river did not have very much water in it, but it was enough to capture a couple of reflection images.

LostMaples-121439LostMaples-121439OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The day we were there, it was quite cold and very cloudy and overcast. We hope to get a chance to go back to Lost Maples, after the colors peak, which is supposed to be happening right about now, and over the next week or so. Hopefully next time, we can make it out a bit earlier in the day, and it would be awesome to get some beautiful bright sunlight filtering through the leaves! If you have a chance to make it out there, you should go! And be sure to take your camera with you!

Here are a few more of the images I captured the other day. If we do get a chance to go back while the colors are at their peak, I'd like to check out the pond area, and hopefully get some more reflection type images. I'll post more images if we get that opportunity. Hope you enjoy :)

LostMaples-121470LostMaples-121470OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA LostMaples-5420LostMaples-5420 LostMaples-5399LostMaples-5399 LostMaples-5374LostMaples-5374

(Silver Moon Photography by Mary Larsen) Fall Color Fall Color in Texas Lost Maples Mary Larsen Silver Moon Photography Sun, 16 Nov 2014 21:06:55 GMT
PPA Senior Portrait Class I had the best time this past Monday! I was fortunate to attend a wonderful class through the Professional Photographers of America, and hosted by Dane Miller of Dos Kiwis Studio here in San Antonio. The class was instructed by Randy C. Pollard of L-Ann Imaging in Victoria, Texas, and by Dane Miller of Dos Kiwis. Although the benefit of the education ranks extremely high with me, so does the opportunity to meet and work with other professional photographers, here in San Antonio, as well as other cities. I take every opportunity that I can to further my photographic education, and this was no exception!

Among other things, this class covered Studio Lighting, Off-Camera Flash (for outdoor shooting situations), Natural Lighting, as well as posing for High School Seniors. The instruction and hands on practice was invaluable!

In addition to a lot of new information, this class was an excellent refresher for me. And, as I mentioned already, it is always so great to spend time sharing knowledge, ideas, a meal, and many laughs with other photographers!

Here are a few of the images I captured of our lovely model, Miss Kimberly. Isn't she just beautiful?





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Motherhood is such a beautiful thing Motherhood is such a beautiful thing! And Meredith is such a beautiful mom!

It is truly a profoundly beautiful thing, to carry your baby inside you, and to feel that connection and love before you even meet your tiny little angel. What a precious gift, this gift of life, this gift of being able to give life... What a miracle we hold within our bodies... and in our hearts...

This gorgeous mom is Meredith. She is a mom already to her 6 year old son, Christian, and anxiously awaits the birth of her daughter, Bristol, due within just a few short days!


I can so clearly remember my own pregnancies with my 2 babies. When I was pregnant the first time, I was so excited every time that I felt the baby move inside me. To me, it was the best feeling I had ever felt, and I would say to this day, whenever I think about it, I can almost feel it even now, 30 years later...


Back in those days, there was no sonogram unless there was reason to believe there might be some problem with the developing baby. But I knew, absolutely without a doubt, that my beautiful baby was going to be a girl, and that her name would be either Jessica, or Marissa. So when he was born, I had no clue what to call him, as I had not even considered a boy's name at all!


After much deliberation, and a couple of days in the hospital with "Baby Boy", we finally decided on a name, were dismissed from the hospital, and brought home my oldest son, John Matthew. (My second child was also a boy, Bryan Jacob!) How different things are today, with moms knowing in advance if they are having a boy or a girl, and going home sometimes within hours after having their babies!


And so for this beautiful mom, Meredith, and her baby girl Bristol, I wish a few more days of enjoying each other just about as intimately as you ever will. And may you have an uncomplicated birth, as you and your family welcome your newest little miracle to your family, and to this world. God bless you all.

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Today we celebrate the lovely Michelle! As you may know, I have recently been focusing my work primarily on the portraiture of women, because I feel it is so important for every woman to recognize her own beauty, and to FEEL beautiful and confident! So today, we celebrate the lovely Michelle! I have been wanting to share these images of her for awhile now, but I was transitioning (and learning) from one software to another, so consequently it took me longer than normal to work on these images. Doesn't she have the most beautiful smile? And a beautiful more serious look as well! :)

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New genre of photography for me! Beauty/Glamour & Boudoir! Hi Everyone! I have not been posting a whole lot of images to my website or Facebook page, but I have definitely been working!

One of my friends asked me once if I did not know any unattractive people when I posted a number of images on my personal Facebook page. My response to her was this: "Everyone is beautiful in my world!"

And you know what? That is something that I truly believe!

Everyone is beautiful.

Every woman is beautiful.

Every woman has her own special gifts that make her beautiful, on the inside, AND on the outside. But sometimes we forget that about ourselves, and don't see ourselves that way... including me. Sometimes we just get so busy that we don't make the time to do the things that make us feel beautiful and empowered. Sometimes we get a little lazy, and don't take the time to do the things that make us feel beautiful, like dressing ourselves nicely, putting on our makeup, styling our hair... I'm guilty of this too, more than I would like to admit! And sometimes our confidence level holds us back from doing the things we want to do for ourselves, and for the loves in our lives, be it our husbands/boyfriends/partners... This can affect all of our relationships--not only with our husbands or boyfriends, but also the relationships with our friends, our families and even our children.

I think that it is so important for a woman to see and realize her own beauty, as well as her sexuality, and to FEEL beautiful, sexy, and confident! Who DOESN'T want to feel beautiful and confident? I know I do! I don't feel it every single day... But sometimes, I am reminded that I am a beautiful woman with many gifts to share... And one of those gifts is that I am able to see beauty in a person, and help them to realize it too, by making a beautiful image of them.

I'm very excited about this new genre of photography, which encompasses women's Beauty, Glamour & Boudoir styles. I'm truly looking forward to the privilege of working with you to create a gorgeous portrait that reflects you at your most beautiful! So let's get busy, let's get beautiful, and let's make some gorgeous images! Let's make them for the loves in your lives, but even more importantly, let's make them for you!

Some of you may recognize this beautiful woman I photographed not long ago. She is a wife and a mom to 3 handsome boys (two of them grown or nearly grown)! Isn't she just gorgeous? I think so! (And by the way, if you know this beautiful lady, then you know that she is one of those women who does take care to look her best, every day!)


I will be sharing more images of other women I have photographed recently. I hope you are inspired to treat yourself and your love to a beautiful portrait also! We can style your portrait as a Beauty/Glamour style portrait, or as a Boudoir portrait. Can't decide? Let's do both!

You can reach my by phone at 210-288-9292. If I am away from my phone, please leave a message and I will gladly return your call. You may also text message me at the same number, or email me at

I'm also on Facebook, Silver Moon Photography San Antonio. You can message me there as well!

Thanks so much for visiting!





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Just a little personal story This has nothing to do with photography… Just a little personal story…

My husband, Don, likes to say that I don’t listen to him as much as he doesn’t listen to me. We both frequently say to the other, “you don’t listen”, “yes, I did tell you that”, etc. We say it mostly in fun, but sometimes because one really didn’t listen to what the other said! (He wins, on who doesn’t listen the most! lol)

Now, at our house, we have 30+ oak trees…2 kinds… Many evergreen live oaks, which although they are evergreen, drop MANY of their leaves every spring… And we have one huge deciduous oak right tree right next to our house; deciduous meaning that it drops ALL of its leaves every fall. Murphy’s law! Basically this means that on any given day of the year, there may be tiny yellow or brown oak leaves just inside our back door or our front door, and inevitably, they get tracked into our family areas.

So today, the TV was on, Don was sitting at the dining table (on his iPad), and I was picking up a little, sweeping up the leaves that had gotten in the house, and casually talking to Don. After speaking, I looked up at Don, whose eyes were still focused on his iPad, and whose mouth was not speaking a response back to me! I shrugged, and continued on… I looked up again, and still nothing! I said, “You’re not listening to me”; he answered, “I am, I responded!” I said, “well, I can’t tell, cuz I can’t hear you, and your head isn’t moving” (nodding in response to me).

I kept sweeping. And talking. And Don kept looking at his iPad. But the next time I spoke and looked up at him, he was tilting his head to one side, and then to the other (kind of like a dog would do), and simply said “I’m moving my head.”

I laughed. For at least a full minute I think. And then after a couple of minutes, I laughed some more, with tears in my eyes from the laughter. And then I said his favorite thing that I like to say to him: That’s “postable”!

Ha! He DOES make me laugh!

One of my favorite snapshots of us! Taken at one of our grandson's birthday parties at Peter Piper last year, then shopped the background out.

Mary & DonMary & Don




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Reminiscing (about our moms) Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I were enjoying a snack and reminiscing. We were reminiscing about our moms, both of whom we loved so dearly, and miss so very much. We talked about my mom, whose birthday was yesterday... How I wish she had been given a chance to meet him, and to know what a good man I would be spending the rest of my life with. She didn't get that chance - to meet him personally, that is - but I think she knows. She was so beautiful, and a sweet and gentle spirit, with so much love, and many prayers every day, for all her children and her grandchildren.

We laughed about memories that we share of his mom - how on one of our visits to see her in San Jose, California, we accidentally caught her in her bedroom enjoying her chocolates, which she kept hidden in a drawer in her dresser, so as not to have to share them! She was so animated when she spoke and shared stories. How she loved her clothes and especially her shoes! She cut corners where she could to get that next pair of shoes! And how she loved her sweet baby boy with the blond hair & blue eyes... Seeing her baby boy always brought such joy to her face!

His mom eventually moved to Utah, and one visit to see her, I knew in my heart that it would be our last visit with her. I took my camera with me, and as she and her baby boy visited wth one another, I took a number of pictures of them together... talking... smiling... laughing... and shedding a few tears... all the while with her hand clasped in his hands. These were very beautiful and bittersweet moments, that I wanted to capture and preserve forever for my husband, and for his daughters.

This is one of the images I captured that day.

A son's love for his motherA son's love for his motherA son's love for his mother

This is the same image, edited into more of an artistic piece. I had the image printed on metal for my husband, and for each of his daughters. We all love and miss you, Dorothea Jones Larsen!

The bond between a mother and her son... Forever.The bond between a mother and her son... Forever.The bond between a mother and her son... Forever.

And I miss you terribly, Mom (Rosalina), and love you with all of my heart!

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Print your images, People! I know that everyone loves digital images! You do... I do... We all do... And we think that because we have the digital files somewhere, like on our phones, our iPads, and/or our computers, that they will always be there. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Phones get lost or damaged or dropped in water. iPads and other notebooks get stolen. Computers get outdated.

Technology changes... Every. Single. Day.

So don't be fooled into believing that because you have a digital file in your possession, that you will always have it, and that you can always print it later. Whether it is your favorite phone pic of the most beautiful child in the world (your baby boy or girl, of course!), or your favorite selfie on your phone, or images that you took with your awesome camera, print them!

I speak from experience. One of my favorite images EVER of my husband was a photo that I took of him. It was just a snapshot, but he looked VERY handsome! His longish wavy/slightly curly hair was falling just so... A PERFECT hair day, lol! He had a fairly serious, but very sexy expression on his face, with just a hint of a smile and a sparkle in those blue eyes of his. I actually did print it, not in color, but in black & white, on my home printer. I had that little print in the window of a small planning notebook I carried around all the time, and a friend playfully referred to it as "THE Black & White". I had that image backed up, so I could get a larger, higher quality color print made later. Yeah, it was backed up--on a floppy disk! Does anybody even know what a floppy disk is anymore? I'm sure some who may read this have never even heard of a floppy disk! That technology went away, but I still have that image stored on a floppy disk somewhere. I will HAVE it forever, I just won't EVER be able to print a good quality copy of it.

I speak from experience. I used to store, edit, and keep all my images on a laptop. ALL. OF. THEM. And then my laptop was stolen. I'm sure that whoever took my laptop didn't care one bit about all my beautiful images. Not the family snapshots. Not the portraits. Not the vacations, the landscapes and scenic images of times and places I may never see again. I would bet they probably wiped my laptop clean and pawned it. I loved the laptop, but I will NEVER be able to recover all those precious images, including the last pics I had of my Mom, who has been in heaven for some time now.

So, print your images, people! Not some day. Not when you get around to it. Not tomorrow! Print them now so that you won't miss the opportunity to do so, and to enjoy them!

Here is an image of one of my seven grandsons that I absolutely love, and recently had printed. In the image, my grandson, Eliah, is cuddling a blanket that I hand made for him, so all the more reason to make the image special for me, for him, and even for his children. A professionally printed image will last that long!



One last thought... If you are having portraits made by a professional photographer, be sure to order professionally printed portraits. Place them in your home, on your walls, where they will be in view for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Professionally printed portraits will last longer than our lifetimes, and outlive any technology that we have when your portraits are being created.

I hope that you will take heed, and print your images! If you enjoyed this post, please click on the small orange RSS button on the lower left/bottom of this page to subscribe and be notified of future posts. Thanks so much!

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Oh my! I've been away too long! Hello everyone, and first let me apologize for staying away from the blog for way too long! We have had some major life events in our family, such as the birth of our 7th grandson, and the marriage of our youngest daughter, so we've been quite busy! However, I've also been working on a project to expand the types of photography that I do, and am really excited to show you and get that part of my business going in the near future!

Today, I'm just going to share a few images; one taken just last night of the Super Moon, and a couple 4th of July Fireworks images.  The Super Moon happens several times a year, and it occurs when the path of the moon passing the earth is a little closer than normal, causing the moon to look larger and brighter than normal, AND it also happens to be a full moon... So here is my Super Moon image, as well as fireworks images from this 4th of July! Hope you enjoy!




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