Print your images, People!

July 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I know that everyone loves digital images! You do... I do... We all do... And we think that because we have the digital files somewhere, like on our phones, our iPads, and/or our computers, that they will always be there. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Phones get lost or damaged or dropped in water. iPads and other notebooks get stolen. Computers get outdated.

Technology changes... Every. Single. Day.

So don't be fooled into believing that because you have a digital file in your possession, that you will always have it, and that you can always print it later. Whether it is your favorite phone pic of the most beautiful child in the world (your baby boy or girl, of course!), or your favorite selfie on your phone, or images that you took with your awesome camera, print them!

I speak from experience. One of my favorite images EVER of my husband was a photo that I took of him. It was just a snapshot, but he looked VERY handsome! His longish wavy/slightly curly hair was falling just so... A PERFECT hair day, lol! He had a fairly serious, but very sexy expression on his face, with just a hint of a smile and a sparkle in those blue eyes of his. I actually did print it, not in color, but in black & white, on my home printer. I had that little print in the window of a small planning notebook I carried around all the time, and a friend playfully referred to it as "THE Black & White". I had that image backed up, so I could get a larger, higher quality color print made later. Yeah, it was backed up--on a floppy disk! Does anybody even know what a floppy disk is anymore? I'm sure some who may read this have never even heard of a floppy disk! That technology went away, but I still have that image stored on a floppy disk somewhere. I will HAVE it forever, I just won't EVER be able to print a good quality copy of it.

I speak from experience. I used to store, edit, and keep all my images on a laptop. ALL. OF. THEM. And then my laptop was stolen. I'm sure that whoever took my laptop didn't care one bit about all my beautiful images. Not the family snapshots. Not the portraits. Not the vacations, the landscapes and scenic images of times and places I may never see again. I would bet they probably wiped my laptop clean and pawned it. I loved the laptop, but I will NEVER be able to recover all those precious images, including the last pics I had of my Mom, who has been in heaven for some time now.

So, print your images, people! Not some day. Not when you get around to it. Not tomorrow! Print them now so that you won't miss the opportunity to do so, and to enjoy them!

Here is an image of one of my seven grandsons that I absolutely love, and recently had printed. In the image, my grandson, Eliah, is cuddling a blanket that I hand made for him, so all the more reason to make the image special for me, for him, and even for his children. A professionally printed image will last that long!



One last thought... If you are having portraits made by a professional photographer, be sure to order professionally printed portraits. Place them in your home, on your walls, where they will be in view for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Professionally printed portraits will last longer than our lifetimes, and outlive any technology that we have when your portraits are being created.

I hope that you will take heed, and print your images! If you enjoyed this post, please click on the small orange RSS button on the lower left/bottom of this page to subscribe and be notified of future posts. Thanks so much!


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