Sweet Baby Ezra!

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My goodness, how time gets away from me sometimes! It has been over 2 months since the last time I posted here on the blog (Shame on me!). Since then, I have broken my shoulder AND my newest grandson was born! I am supposed to be keeping my shoulder immobilized, but I cannot not help myself, I have to create beautiful portraits!

I made this gown and flower crown/maternity belt in hopes of using it when photographing my beautiful daughter-in-law, Veronica. We did her maternity portrait before I broke my shoulder, and I was very pleased with the results, as were she and my son! I can never seem to decide whether I like the color or the black and white better, so here are versions of both!

Roni_Maternity_100-EditRoni_Maternity_100-EditGorgeous Lady in Red Maternity Portrait

Roni_Maternity-046-BW2Roni_Maternity-046-BW2Black & White Maternity Portrait

Little Ezra is our 8th grandson, and was born September 30th! I was so pleased to have been able to be at the hospital with my son and his wife, as they were preparing for the delivery. I couldn't drive myself, but my husband took me so I could be there for them! The delivery itself didn't take long, but we had to wait for her to come out of recovery for a couple hours or so. Big Brother, Eliah, was so pleased to finally meet his Baby Brother!

BabyBoyCampos-135BabyBoyCampos-135Eliah holding his 2 hour old baby brother!

And here I am, holding him with my good arm!

BabyBoyCampos-162BabyBoyCampos-162Granny (me!) holding baby Ezra!

You know, whenever my husband does not listen to his doctor, I get after him. But there was no way that I could sit still and not photograph little baby Ezra for his newborn portraits! My shoulder may take slightly longer to heal, but newborn portraits are best done in the very early days of life, and time will not wait! So we photographed Ezra when he was 11 days old! This was a cooperative effort with my son and his wife helping, as I did not trust myself to carry the baby with my injury, but once he was laid down, I was able to work with posing him. Such a little angel!

EzraLorenzoNbrn-132EzraLorenzoNbrn-132Black & White Newborn Portrait of little Ezra!

EzraLorenzoNbrn-143EzraLorenzoNbrn-143Warm toned portrait of beautiful little Ezra!

EzraLorenzoNbrn-188EzraLorenzoNbrn-188Peacefully sleeping baby boy in a basket!

We did a total of 4 different sets that day. My son really wanted an image of Ezra with a baseball and glove, so we set up this shot. We set the background, set the lights, took test shots, and finally placed the baby on the set. I had instructed my son and his wife that they would each have to support the baby's head with a finger on either side, that I would later Photoshop out, but when we put him into the pose, we saw that he was going to hold the pose (with his head a little more relaxed than what we planned), so I had 1 quick second to get back to the camera on the tripod, and was able to get this one shot off! After that one shot, little Ezra got really mad, and he decided that we were done with that baseball stuff!

EzraLorenzoNbrn-204EzraLorenzoNbrn-204Newborn "Baseball" Portrait!

We wanted to try to get a few with both of the boys, but Ezra had had enough sleep by this time :)

EzraLorenzoNbrn-222EzraLorenzoNbrn-222Eliah getting a close look at his baby brother!

Then yesterday, at the grand old age of 18 days, I had the opportunity to photograph Ezra with his big brother, Eliah, again! My son, Bryan Campos, and I both made portraits of the boys! Here are a few of the portraits I made.


EzraNbrn-248EzraNbrn-248A sweet kiss on the baby's hand...

EzraNbrn-250EzraNbrn-250And a gentle caress...

EzraNbrn-285EzraNbrn-285Telling him secrets!

EzraNbrn-296EzraNbrn-296Another sweet kiss for baby!

EzraNbrn-288EzraNbrn-288He's so happy with his baby!

I am so in love with my grandsons! All 8 of them! <3


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