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Beautiful little Miss Quincy

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My goodness! It seems that I blink, and suddenly too much time has gone by since I have posted an update! But I'd like to share just a bit about a beautiful little girl that I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing. Her name is Quincy. I met Quincy one day when I was in the fabric store, looking for fabrics to use for backgrounds, and to use for making elegant outfits for my clients to wear for their modern women's portraits, and maternity portraits. As I was waiting in line to have some fabric measured and cut, before me was this beautiful little girl, wearing a very interesting hat. She really caught my attention! I spoke to her, and told her how much I liked her hat, and I instantly decided that I wanted to photograph her. I spoke to her beautiful mom, and we quickly agreed that I could photograph her in her hat. The hat was a black felt hat, with grey and black feathers in it. I had already purchased black tulle, which I had intended to make a full women's skirt with, but decided to make it a length that Quincy would be able to wear with her hat. Her mom told me how Quincy loved to wear her hat Everywhere! That was great to know, because in my mind, I thought what a wonderful way to preserve the memory of Quincy wearing her black hat everywhere she went, by making a portrait of her, which she could treasure for a lifetime, and even pass down to her own children and grandchildren!

We parted ways, and I proceeded to make the black tulle skirt for Quincy to wear for her hat portrait.

Then it occurred to me that I would also love to photograph her on a flower wall, which I had also been planning to make, but had not yet started. Quincy was the motivation for me to get that flower wall made! I asked her mom if she had something she might wear for a flower themed portrait, and it so happened that she had the perfect dress! So I worked on my flower wall, and a head piece for little Quincy to wear for her flower portrait.

The day of our shoot came, and I was, I'm sure, as excited to photograph Quincy as she was to be photographed! Her mom shared with me how excited she was and that it was all she could talk about! As I worked with Quincy, I was so impressed with her ability at such a young age to take direction so well! She did everything I asked her to do, even showing motion with the tulle skirt by holding it up, and then swinging slowly to one side and then to the other!

Here are a couple of my favorites of Quincy in her black hat, with my tulle skirt!



Quincy was so adorable! She asked me if I would like to touch her golden hair! And of course, I asked if I may, and touched and admired her beautiful golden hair! :)  And here are a couple of my favorite images from my flower wall.




Our studio session went so well, that I asked Quincy's mom if she might also like to bring Quincy to be photographed in the bluebonnets. We agreed we would do that as well! I made another skirt that I thought would look nice in the bluebonnet fields, and we met for a bluebonnet session. This session did not go quite as well as the studio session, as there was an extremely bright sun to contend with, as well as bugs, bugging both Quincy and me! Still, Quincy was a trooper through it all, and gave me her best in the bright sun and heat!



I had intended to use natural light with a reflector for this outdoor shoot, but poor Quincy! Her eyes just couldn't take the brightness of the sun being reflected on to her face, but we did the best we could, and she continued to do her best to do everything I asked while we worked together!

MaryLarsen_QuincyKoumalats-9774MaryLarsen_QuincyKoumalats-9774 MaryLarsen_QuincyKoumalats-9790MaryLarsen_QuincyKoumalats-9790



Thank you to Quincy, and to her beautiful mom, Ginger, for working with me to create some beautiful images on these two occasions!


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