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Mary Larsen of Silver Moon Photography is a wonderful Newborn Photographer in the San Antonio area! She is a mother (though her children are grown), and a Granny to 8 grandchildren, and definitely has experience handling and soothing babies! Mary will treat your newborn as one of her own! She takes great care to wash all items after each use to ensure that everything is fresh and clean for your baby, and makes sure to handle your baby with the utmost care.

These babies grow and change so quickly! Let’s schedule your session in advance to make sure to get on Mary’s schedule. You will definitely want to capture those first fleeting moments in the first few days of your baby’s life, so that you can remember every detail about how he or she looked! Mary will create beautiful images of your little one, which you will be able to display proudly as wall art for your home! Mary Larsen is the Newborn Photographer for you in San Antonio!

Mary can be reached by email at [email protected], or give her a call at 210-288-9292 in San Antonio to discuss your ideas for your Newborn Photography.

* Pricing for Newborn photography: Clients typically spend starting at about 1500 (or several times that amount) plus tax for their wall art and gift prints.

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